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Terno Engineering is a full-service design and custom machining shop tailored to the needs of their customers and their projects, no matter their size or complexity. Terno has a proven track record of delivering quality machined components to automotive, medical, marine, glass and construction industries for several decades. Their focus has always been to provide custom components and manufactured assemblies that are a niche in the market.


Terno strives to be the individuals and companies first choice for all their one-stop shop. The people at Terno Engineering work hard to keep their competitive edge by delivering excellent quality at the best possible price - guaranteed. Uniting strength, expertise, and resources that are no match anywhere else.


In 2005 Westport Manufacturing, established in 1965, and V.M. Machining, founded in 1997, merged operations. Operating as Terno Engineering Corp. they have grown into a full-service company. Terno's integrated team now consists of engineers, designers, technicians, machinists and many other specialists whose combined expertise are housed under one roof — reducing the time spent on design, production, development while improving and maintaining quality over many years of service.


Terno Engineering Corp. back in 2005 achieved a status of a fully integrated precision machine shop with additional specialized services in CNC machining, plasma/ flame cutting, welding, milling and turning. The company takes pride in its exceptional customer base.





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