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Our team of professionals are equipped to handle the precision and accuracy that aerospace machining requires.


When it comes to your Marine equipment manufacturing. Let us help you with machining high-performance products to your specifications.

Whether undergoing small project or a large scale one. We are here to help our clients with no matter their needs.

Heavy Equipment


 We work closely with our customers in meeting tight deadlines. Regardless of the size of the project, We strongly believe in efficiency and accuracy in our work.

Superior CNC Machining Services

Your source for High-Quality Custom CNC Machining. All in one machining shop that provides competitive industry rates! We offer instant pricing on all of your machining, CNC machining needs. Guaranteed satisfaction thru our precise manufacturing processes. All of Terno Engineering customers are benefiting from our strengths in many today's competitive industries. Become one of our customers today, and enjoy unprecedented professional service.

Carbon Steel CNC Profile Cutting

TernoEngineering is truly a one-stop shop. Our specialties reach even further. We proudly offer profile cutting of carbon and alloy steel plates, per customer requirements, using CNC oxygen-burning machines and high-definition plasma cutting machines. Our team of highly skilled workers with decades of expertise always have a focus on new innovations and technologies that help save you money.